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When you go away on holiday you also want the best holiday for your pets, we used to find it very hard to find anyone who looked after our small pets and we thought how many other people find it difficult. This is why we thought we would do something to reduce that struggle and worry, we look after your beloved pets within our own home and look after them like our own. They will get cuddles and exercise and handled everyday, they will be fed and watered everyday. spot cleaning and full cleaning will be given. 

We have experience in many variety of animals from had having our own from Gerbils, Hamsters, Guinea Pig, Birds, Ferrets, Rabbits, Rats, and of course dogs.

There will be someone around all day so they will not be left alone.


We prefer for them to come in their own hutches/cages as this will be familiar for them, helping them to feel more at home.

If this is difficult them we can supply their home from home.

We are able to pick up and drop off your pets if needed.


We will ensure that every animal will get the exercise that is needed. Free safe roam of the living room depending on animal. Small dogs will get walked 3 times a day and have access to our enclosed garden.


Price is based on per cage.

We also know the importance of cost so we have tried to be as low as possible, the price is charged from the first day of boarding, if you pick up by 10am on day of leaving we will not charge for that day.

HAMSTER/MICE/GERBILS   . £2.50.  After the second day £2.00 A DAY

RATS, BIRDS, TORTOISE     . £3.50.  After the second day £3.00 A DAY

GUINEA PIGS/RABBITS     .  £4.50.  After the second day  £4.00 A DAY

SMALL DOGS                 . £10.00 A DAY. 

LARGER DOGS                . £13.00 A DAY

                                    Your dog will be on a  1 to 1  basis, will live and sleep in our home just like our own dog. Will be taken on walks and will join us on dog friendly day trips out.Please provide their dog food. They will be treated to healthy dog treats. If your dog is on any medication we will be able to assist them with this, and of giving insulin if diabetic.

If your dog has been with us for over a week and is ready to go home we will ensure that they have been bathed, brushed and smelling nice for you.

We do insist on the dog being flea and tick treated before they board with us. 

please get in touch if there is any other pet you have and you would like us to board for you. 


                         1 DOG  £ 10.00 day    

                         2 DOGS £ 19.00 day

Your dogs stay in the house with us and have access to our enclosed garden. They will be fed if you wish, unless you prefer to feed them when you get home. If you wish it be whilst they are here you will have to supply their food.

They will have plenty of toys and chews to occupy them and have lots of hugs and kisses in between playing.

We can arrange the times on when you want your dog dropped off and picked up. 

We live just 5 minutes off the M42 junction 2, 20 minutes from birmingham airport. We are convenient being en route for you if you are travelling from birmingham.  

Due to a change of circumstances I will not be taking on any boarders until further notice.

sorry for the inconvenience.

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