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I pride myself on giving an excellent service giving you and your canine 100% attention.
I work in a way that your dogs get my full attention at all times that they are with me. They are treated as if they were my own, giving them a lot of love. I take on board their personalities, whether it being strong minded to the shyest of dogs. I have a lot of patience so nothing is rushed with your dogs groom always ensuring the comfort and well being of your dogs comes first. This is my main priority whilst they are here in my care.
I will groom to the style that you want.
At Clipperz they are home away from home they are able to free roam and have use of toys.
With permission they are given healthy treats too.

on occaisions a dog may have to placed into a large open topped clear doored kennel.
Not all dogs can mix, i do not risk the safety of your dogs.
i dont mix large dogs together and i dont mix large and small dogs for health and safety reasons.
We have a system that ensures the safety of all dogs. 
The kennel is no smaller than the boot of an average sized car.
if you prefer your dog not to be placed in a kennel when with us, please talk to us so we can check the diary to see which dogs we have in on a day that would suit best for this situation.

All prices are estimated, certain breeds may cost a bit more even though they are of  certain height that is listed below.
Certain breeds, especially breed standard require more work/time.

puppy grooms from £25+ up to 6 months.
(1 puppy groom price per dog, next price will be classed as a bath and tidy)
SMALL      -- westie, shih tzu etc           FROM £40+
MEDIUM    -- spaniels,cockerpoos  etc    FROM £45 +
LARGE       -- GSD.. Rotties    etc            FROM £48/52 +
(depend on size and fur type )
NAIL CLIPS  --  £10.00
face trims   --  £10.00


 SMALL                         £30
 MEDIUM                       £35
 LARGE                          £40 +
X LARGE                        £ depending on breed

Dematting is not included in any of the prices.
Dematting will be
from £10.00 plus,
depends on time, size and how badly matted.

Sorry i no longer groom cats.


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