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INTRODUCTARY PUPPY GROOM - FROM £25.  up to 6 months - (depending on coat, size and breed)                                                                   Grooming should be introduced to a puppy as soon as possible. Grooming salons take on puppies as soon as they have had their last injections and this will help the pup become familiar with the grooming process within a salon.

SMALL.     - Westie and shihtzu etc   From £40+

MEDIUM.   - Spanials, cockerpoos Bichon and Toy poodles, curly coated dogs   From £45+

LARGE.      - German shepherds, Rottweilers , border collies    From £50+ 

BATH AND TIDY,  -£10 off the full groom price

NAIL CLIPS  - £10 This is a walk in service between the hours of 11 - 3pm, please get in touch if need                           to do outside these hours




DEMATTING  -  FROM £10+  this is not part of a groom so an additional cost is charged depending on                                         the severity of matting

At our dog grooming salon, we offer a range of services that are tailored to meet the needs of all types and breeds of dogs.
Our prices are estimated as we understand that grooming certain breeds to breed standards requires more work and time. Additionally, coat condition and size can also be factors that may affect the final price. Nevertheless, we always provide transparent pricing and ensure that you get the best value for what you pay for.

Important notice. On occaisions a dog may have to be placed into a large open topped kennel with a clear door enabling them to see. Not all dogs can mix and I have in place a system that ensures the safety of all dogs. other than dogs from the same household, we dont let large dogs mix together or large and small dogs mix. If you require your dog not to be placed into a kennel for any reason then please contact us directly so we can help support this by arranging a date and time that ensures that fulfilled.

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